CONGRATULATIONS! Mulamwah and Ruth K announce Pregnancy

Kenyan comedian and radio presenter David Oyando alias Mulamwah and alleged girlfriend Ruth K has sparked speculation that they could be expecting a baby together.

The two lovebirds shared cryptic messages on their respective Instastories, and left Netizens guessing that Ruth K is pregnant.

In a post he shared on Instagram stories, Mulamwah disclosed that Ruth K has been experiencing vomiting hours, a common symptom of pregnancy.

Bestie amekua akitapika tapika ma asubui asubui ivi. Shida inaweza kua nini?” Mulamwah wrote.

In what has appeared as a well crafted wey of breaking the news, Ruth K also shared a similar message on her Instagram story

Natapika tapika ma asubui asubui ivi, an kuchoka choka, shida inaweza kua nini.”

Ruth K sparked pregnancy on 7 two months ago through a video shared by Mulamwah. Hawk-eyed Kenyans noted that Ruth K had a noticeable bulge on her belly.

Some of the fans immediately took to the comments section with congratulatory messages.

The duo however, have often maintained that they are just best friends and are used to calling each other ‘bestie’, which means ‘best friend.’

Mulamwah and Ruth K have been making waves on social media and their close bond always spark speculations about the nature of their relationship.

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While the suggestive messages on their Instagram stories have fueled speculation, neither Mulamwah nor Ruth K has confirmed or denied the rumors of a possible pregnancy

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