“I Instructed her to con men,” MP Oscar Sudi reveals during his daughter’s graduation

Recently, Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi’s daughter Faith Chemutai graduated with a Masters Degree in Finance Management from the University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom.

The lawmaker could not hide his joy as he celebrated his daughter’s remarkable academic milestone.

Thrilled by his daughter’s resilience through her academic life, Oscar Sudi camped on social media to express his joy.

Speaking during celebration event at his home in Kapseret, Sudi expressed strong admiration for Faith’s hardwork. He commended her working against all odds to attain the academic achievement.

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Besides praising her daughter, Sudi left Kenyans Mouths Open after he revealed his reward for her daughter. The flamboyant politician gifted Chemutai a brand new car and an apartment in Nairobi.

In his congratulatory speech, Sudi lauded his daughter for respecting him. He recounted his earlier conversation with Chemutai where he advised her to focus on her studies in London, and con boyfriends who came along her way..

I requested her to do one thing for me, to respect me. If you meet a boyfriend, con them but do not allow them to con you. She did that for me. We agreed during her first graduation in 2023.

She has a degree and master’s, and she has also secured a job in London. As my firstborn and you do what I want, I will also reward her. You have respected me, you have your job, and you are an adult.”

Having fulfilled his wishes, the MP disclosed that he is ready to let her into marriage.

If you come and tell me you are ready for marriage, I am ready for that.” he said.

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