Mulamwah’s Bestie Ruth K caught red-handed faking nyash

Over the past one week, Kenyan comedian Mulamwah and her bestie Ruth K, have been in celebratory mood. On Sunday 28th, Mulamwah was marking 30 years since he was born.

Ruth K, who has left Kenyans speculating that she is in a romantic relationship with Mulamwah made a surprise visit to Mulamwah during a morning radio show at Milele Fm. She showed up with a beautifully decorated birthday cake.

Ruth K went ahead and gave Mulamwah a kiss, raising more questions on the relationship between the two.

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Ruth K bashed for faking nyash

The duo have been spicing the internet with cute photos. In one of the recent photos, Kenyans however accused her of forcing postures to appear like she has big nyash.

A section of Kenyans went ahead and challenged her to stand straight and prove that she is indeed blessed.

Here are some of the comments;

@Jenny Sherrie: Umeforce tumatako hadi tukakubali.Looking lovely with your bestie ❤️

@Makena Mutugi: Tunajua haunanga matako bestie,ile siku mlikua swimo ulikua umeshikilia ngotha na peg

@Jamila Ishaq: Umenunua suruwali za matako😂😂

@Valentine Dorothy: Watu mko na makasiriko huku aje🤔ni Ivyo mnaeza ambia mwenzenu eti anaforce tumatako🤫😄 anyway looking good beshtie🥰

@Fedis Gitiye: Leo nyash imepigwa booster kweli kweli

GridArt 20230529 101221622 Mulamwah's Bestie Ruth K caught red-handed faking nyash

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