Catherine Muringo :I bought Ksh.700K Car 3 months after getting into Mitumba business

A while ago, Catherine Muringo left Kenyans in shock after she revealed that she bought a Ksh 700K car to three months after starting a Mitumba business.Catherine narrated that her second hand clothes business picked so well that she amassed huge profit with a short time.

A section of Kenyans dismissed the claim as untrue. They wondored how one can take such a hug step in so short period.

How did Catherine Muringo start Mitumba business?

Catherine Muringo got into second hand clothes business 9 years ago, when few players where in the market . While speaking in an Interview with the Standard, Catherine revealed that she decided to venture into Mitumba clothes after her Salon business collapsed.

Muringo was devastated and hopeless after her Salon business failed to thrive. She had only Ksh.2000, which she used as starting capital.

Luckily, there were few players into the Mitumba business and hence it was a walk in the park.

I started the business with 2000 shillings. At the time we did not experience much challenge because very few people were into the business,” she said.

Armed with Ksh. 2000, Catherine went to Korogocho market and picked kids clothes. To her surprise, the clothes made Ksh.9000.

Later, Catherine met a friendly dealer who showed her various varieties of bales.This made her business more profitable.

Catherine Muringo now runs a multi-millions Mitumba business in Gikomba and imports bales from abroad.

I prefer Canadian bales because they are clean. I also source from Australia, the UK, very little from the US and rarely from China. Before, I did not know that there was a difference between China, Canadian, the UK or Australian bales, I just used to buy them randomly,” she said.

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Nissan X-TRAIL CAR in 3 months

While in an interview with NTV, Catherine Muringo sparked a buzz among Kenyan after she said she bought her first car three months after getting into Mitumba business.

Catherine said that she made huge profit with a short period, that she acquired a Ksh. 700K car.

Things were so good. Within 3 months I was able to purchase a second hand Nissan X-TRAIL worth Ksh.700K,” she noted.

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