Singer Marioo Pays Sh 100 million Dowry for Paula Kajala

Paula Kajala caused a spark on social media after she disclosed that Tanzanian Bongo star Marioo has parted with Tsh 100 million (Ksh 5.8million) as her Dowry.

The indisputably beautiful Tanzanian was speaking during a Answer and Answer session with a Vlogger. Paula who was captured on camera getting cosy with her mother, disclosed that Singer Marioo gave the hefty amount for her handin marriage.

Tayari ametoa mahari milioni 100,” Paula Kajala playfully answered while laughing hysterically with her mother Kajala Frida.

The interviewer however expressed skepticism, suggesting that Marioo could hardly win Paula’s hand in marriage with just that sum.

The two lovebirds have been sharing wedding plans. A week ago, Marioo disclosed on social media that he wasn’t ready for marriage, but due to Paula’s overwhelming love, he’s reconsidering his plans and is now contemplating marrying Paula as his wife.

Marioo and Paula started dating after her bitter breakup with Bongo King Rayvanny.

A while a go, Singer Mario confronted Netizens for ‘bullying’ Paula over past life,” He wrote, “There are people who have a big problem especially because of her kind heart or her fame. Please let this fine girl be. Let her enjoy. I know those who hate her are less yet she is still young and I do not want her to be hurt because I love her so much @therealpaulahkajala

In response Paula serenaded the Mi Amor hitmaker with sweet words, claiming that he will be her last lover. For good measure, she shared a photo of her lover on Instagram which she captured ‘My last.

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