Andrew Kibe and KRG the Don for Box each other for Ksh. 1 million

Renown Kenyan media personality Andrew Kibe and dancehall artist KRG the Don are set to face each other in a boxing ring.

This comes after Andrew Kibe challenged KRG to a boxing match. In a video posted in social media, Andrew Kibe asked KRG to train for a month then get ready to face him in a ring.

According to Kibe, the winner of the match will walk away with ksh 1 million and the loser will learn to keep quiet and respect the winner henceforth.

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Kibe termed the match as a way of finding out who is stronger between him and the artist

In response to the video, KRG said he is ready to fae Kibe in August. He asked Kibe to choose a date of his preference especially at a time when schools will be closed.

He added that he is super ready for the fight.

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In February the two met face to face after years of beefing on social media.The two met at an undisclosed location in Nairobi in the presence of MP Babu Owino.

Later, KRG shared videos from the meeting to the disappointment of many as previously they had threatened to solve their difference with a physical fight.

In a previous interview, KRG revealed that he beefs with Kibe is because he comes for men who take care of their families when he can’t do the same.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the match inorder to find out who will win.

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