Leave us alone, Mulamwah’s Ex-wife Carrol Sonie tell Kenyans.

Comedian Mulamwah’s Ex-wife Carrol Sonie has told off a section of Kenyans badmouthing her. Through a video she posted on
Facebook, Carrol has revealed that she has been receiving several calls ever since she broke up with Mulamwah.She says some
evil-minded Kenyans have been applying all efforts to widen the rift between her and Ex-husband.

“….Mimi nimechoka na nyinyi. Watu wengine sijui wanatakanga nini. Nimekuwa nikioata several calls zingine hata sijui ni za
kina nani. Eti mara I am dating this and that, it’s not even funny…Not funny at all,” she Said.

Carrol has further refuted claims that Mulamwah is not the father of her daughter Keila Oyando. She has noted that their
separation was not fueled by paternity of her daughter.

“Nimekuwa nikipigiwa na strange numbers wakiuliza kama Keilah ni wa Mulamwah. Nani aliwambia that was the cause of
separation. Stop soiling the names of innocent people. Mulamwah is innocent, Keilah is innocent and i am innocent.”

Carrol Sonie broke up with Mulamwah a month a go. It is not yet clear what motivated their move. Mulamwah has however
noted that he will not reveal the cause of their separation because it may ruin the life of Carrol badly.

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