“Ama mnataka kurudisha Maribe,” Swaleh Mdoe suspension sparks Uproar

Claims of popular Citizen Tv journalist Swaleh Mdoe suspension from airing news has sparked heated debate among Kenyans on social media.

According to sources, Mdoe was suspended after failing to show up to the work to read the news.

It is alleged that on Tuesday, January 3, Swaleh Mdoe took a a leave and went for medical check up without prior notice to the management.

His decision to skip during without informing his seniors prompted the management to suspend his services. He was reportedly called by seniors and briefed on the unfortunate decision.

Despite being suspended from work, Mdoe has been reporting to work looking neat as usual.

Swaleh Mdoe has been reading Swahili Prime-time news on Mondays at 7 pm and 1 pm news on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Mdoe has been a journalist and a senior editor at Royal Media Services.

The talented journalist began his career at Nation media in 1999, where he worked up to 2000. He then joined KTN from 2001 to 2007, where he served as an editor and news anchor.

Thereafter, he joined Royal Media Services where he has been serving up to date as a senior editor and news anchor. He has been in the giant media company for 17 years.

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Kenyans call for Swaleh Mdoe reinstatement

While reacting to the news of his suspension, Kenyans on social media expressed varied reactions, with some speaking out their displeasure with the decision.

Some Kenyans urged Royal Media Services to reinstate him to work, adding that he is the reason they watch the popular Tv channel.

Here are some of the reactions;

Achieng Nyarongo: Go slow bwana Citizen TV maybe he fell sick Mr.Mdoe is one of the pillars of citizen TV soo eloquent, humourous, fluent and articulate this service will the dignity it deserves I don’t know him personally neither does he know me but I admire his talent in doing his work God is a God of second chance spare him a second chance.

Elizabeth Auma: Let swaleh Mdoe be given a second chance or something,mhh tafakari ya Babu Keisha Sasa katika Citizen Tv .

Eduh: Ama mnataka kurudisha Maribe na hamsemi?

Doris Juma: Citizen TV if this is the first time Mdoe has behaved like this kindly understand that people out here are so depressed…..talk to him and help him..

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