Omondi Buys Akothee A Piece Of Land

Akothee is all smiles days after losing her unborn baby courtesy of her Mzungu boyfriend Omondi.

The singer-cum-businesswoman broke the news of being pregnant on 19, November.
She however lost the unborn child on 17th December, on unclear circumstances.

The singer has been grieving the loss of her unborn child but his boyfriend has decided to calm her.

While taking to social media, Akothee revealed that Omondi bought her a 10 acre land worth Ksh.5M.

The elated singer hailed his boyfriend for being a gentleman.

So Omosh feels like I should be happy soon ,so he asks honey what can I do for you ,Me nothing honey ,the crying will end as soon as we have another. Okey let’s go to that farm you showed me ,Do you like it ,me yes, hiw much was it ,me 5m 500k per acre ,okey let’s get it 😭😭😭
Omosh with his moves is scary,
” she wrote.

Screenshot 2022 12 31 15 18 00 83 jpg Omondi Buys Akothee A Piece Of Land

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Fix-It-All boyfriend

The singer has further praised Omondi for being Mr.Fix it all.Accordng to her, she has been looking for a man who can help her in running her errands and fixing minor faults.

My bigest achievement in 2022 is meeting my better half Mr Omondi Deno
I have always wanted to have aman who matches my energy, a man who will fix a bulb, that man that can tell me ,stop it honey I will do it
,” she wrote.

Akothee has revealed that Mzungu has managed to fix almost all faulty machines in her home.

Today all machines in my home are running and functional katasi Omondi Deno.
Omosh fixed the generator that has been standing in the compound for the better part of the year . 👏 👏👏👏, Fundis collecting money from me left right center 💪 fixing hot air and even taking out my parts replacing with fake ones 💃
The solar panels were messy and we lacked hot water for a while ,also fixed 💪
See our pool omosh orders chemical and clean the pool in 20 minutes .
Whatever Omosh will ask for I will give him
,” she added.

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