Ako ndethe! Kenyans Angry at Akothee’s Choice of Dressing During A Performance

Kenyan Singer Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee has elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans on social media, over her choice of outfit during a performance in Stockholm, Sweden over the weekend. The singer treated Kenyans to a rare scene after parading acres of skin.

On Monday evening, the 43 year old singer shared a number of photos she was taken during the event. Akothee was captured by camera entertaining while donning and outfit that only covered the upper part of her body.

Even before fans reacted to the Photos, something she expected, she moved with speed and explained that she didn’t owe anybody an apology. She explained that she is not a role model to anybody.

This Is AKOTHEE THE ARTIST. The singer ,the entertainer and not your type of Role model This Akothee the artist has a different target market today. Put your mouth where your money is .With Dj Ike Most wanted SWEEEEEDEN was FIRE . Thank you very much .NEXT STOP 💃💃💃💃💃💃,” she wrote.

Akothee during a performance in Sweden

According to the photos seen by Public News, Akothee was seen giving her fans an electrifying show as some ladies danced behind her.

A section of Netizens who reacted to the photos, could not hide their joy over Akothee’s black outfit that covered the upper part of the body. They were happy after getting a rare chance to have a glimpse beauty.

Another section of fans however expressed displeasure with Akothee’s choice of dressing. They accused the mother of 5 of exposing her body, instead of serving as role model to young girls.

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