“Ako na Wivu,” Terrence Creative angry at Churchill for missing his show

Kenyan content creator Lawrence Macharia popularly known as Terence Creative has publicly expressed his disappointment after his renowned Churchill Show host Daniel Ndambuki missed his Mega ‘Wash Wash’ show held on December 11.

Terence Creative candidly said during an exclusive interview with Nairobi News that he was deeply hurt after Churchill failed to attend his event.

According to ‘Papa Freddy’, he made a personal invitation to Churchill because he considers him as his mentor in the entertainment industry.

I made a personal invitation to Churchill, but he did not show up and I don’t know why. I want to believe that he was committed, but I extended my invitation to him, and I would want him to speak about it himself. He knows better why he did not come. I felt so bad that he missed my show,” Terence said disappointedly.

While speaking on Churchill’s impact on his career, Terence recounted calling him to thank him. He further shared that he was disappointed that Churchill did not acknowledge or mention the show.

I really wished him to be there to see what I have done. I called him and thanked him for the support he has given me over time.

At one point or another, Churchill has contributed to my career and growth because I started at Churchill Show as a creative, and whatever I am doing, some of those skills I got from the show and his mentorship. It still hurt me so much that he wasn’t there, and I wish he was there,” Terence shared.

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While speaking about the Entertainment industry, Terrence Creative noted that there is a lot of competition.

He further reiterated that he will only work with fellow artists who view him as a compliment and not competitor.

My dream is to work with people who don’t see me as their competitor but see me as a compliment. There is so much competition in the entertainment industry, and I have heard so much fights,” he said.

While speaking of his ‘Wash Wash’ that was a huge success, Terrence noted that he faced a lot of challenges including his peers seeing him as a threat.

He how underscored the need of embracing collaboration, adding that Entertainment industry is a big cake that need to be shared by everyone.

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There were so many obstacles along the way, even when I was producing ‘Wash Wash,’ certain people still felt like I am taking their share. I want to tell them that the cake is big enough for all of us. Nobody owns the bakery. God is the baker, and He has enough for all of us. If we compete, and you win, the industry loses.”

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