5 signs that I will be Rich

If you see these signs, Chances are high that you will be rich

Have you ever wondered whether you will be rich in future; drive posh cars, own good houses and many more? An African adage says that a good day is known from the sunrise.

While we can’t tell what the future holds for us, research has shown that we various traits influences the chances of a person becoming rich.

In this article Public News Kenya will look at some signs that will rich in future.

Outgoing Personality

Yes. People who are outgoing in nature have high chances of doing well financially. Research has revealed that people who are outspoken make between 3% and 5% more that reserved people.

Outspoken people can easily charm interviewers and hence lands job easily and make more sales. They are also quick at Networking with people.

Pay Bills in Time.

Paying bills in time is a sign that you will get financial success. Research has shown that people who pay for services before being requested to, are good financial managers. These people live within their means, to go for services they can afford.

People who pay bills in time spend less than they earn. They rarely go broke.

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Have High Taste

While this may sound controversial, people with high taste have chances of making more money. People who love to dress well, drive good cars, own nice houses etc are motivated to look for more money.

Have Good looks

People who look pretty have high chances of becoming a millionaires. Naturally, people get attracted to people with good looks.
People who looks nice have high chances of making more sales and landing more contracts.


They are goal oriented. They find so much joy in being in power and they are not afraid of showing it. Over-achievers can go a long way and do anything possible to win.They are swift in taking actions.

While their character may be annoying, these people stand high chances of becoming rich. These people are overly ambitious and in most cases they do well financially.

NB: The above signs do not guarantee that one will be rich in future.

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