Woman Found Out That Her Husband was a Garbage Collector and Not JKIA employee after 10 years

Imagine finding out that your husband is a garbage collector and a airport staff. Shocking, right? Well, this is a true story of Shamim that has continued to fascinate many.

For 10 good years, Shamim lived proudly knowing that his Husband David is an employee of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). Never had it dawned on her that she had been living a lie.

While speaking in an Interview with Anthony Ndiema’s Nisamehe show, Shamim said that David’s lifestyle cut out an image of a person who was working in a well pay job.

There is no way I could suspect that he was lying. He would wake up very early, smartly dressed and leave for job,” she confessed.

Hell broke loose one Day, when Shamim got into a confrontation with neighbors over water. One Woman hit her with the hardest trush she hardly believe.

There is no way your are special when your husband is a garbage collector,” The woman fired.

At first, Shamim jumped in to defend his husband but other women backed the garbage collector claims. “It dawned on me that there were some truth. I got determined to dig deep and know every detail.” Shamim said.

That evening, Shamim confronted her husband and pressed her speak out the truth. To her dismay, David confessed confessed that he was indeed a garbage collector, a secret he had preserved for 10 years.

We broke up. I could not stand the face of a guy who had lied to me for 10 good years,” Shamim said.

During the interview, Anthony Ndiema persuaded Shamim to speak with her Ex-husband, which she accepted reluctantly. David apologized adding that he lied out of love and bid to protect his family.

If I didn’t love you, I would not be apologizing. I am indeed sorry for the lie and hope we can get back to what we used to be,” David said.

Shamim, however remained resolute on not forgiving husband soon, adding that the would was still fresh. She said that she feared that his Ex-husband was harbouring more lies.

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