Senator Karen Nyamu speaks on why she rarely post her first baby daddy

On Tuesday, senator Karen Nyamu was forced to explain why she rarely post her first baby daddy on socials, just like she proudly does to the father of her two Children Samuel Muchoki, popularly known as Samidoh.

The mother of three shared videos on her social media accounts after attending Sports Day at the school where her son Sam Jr studies together with Samidoh.

One of her followers went to the comment section and demanded to know why the senator did not treat the other baby daddy,Dj Saint, like Samidoh.

Why do you rarely post your first baby daddy?” The Instagram user asked.

Sanator Nyamu savagely replied “Kwani watu hupost ex zao.”

Kenyan entertainer DJ Saint is the father of Karen Nyamu’s first child.The two dated for a while before going seperate ways.

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Dj Saint and Karen Nyamu relationship was Rocky

Last year, the Dj opened about her past relationship journey with Karen Nyamu, terming it as poisonous.

While speaking through his Instagram page, he said that his career as a DJ contributed largely to the failed relationship.

As a DJ, I oftenly interact with beautiful girls. Sometimes a lady fan why come on stage and k!ss me while requesting for a song. Karen could not take that. She would not cause darama in club but she would wait until we got into the car and she would lecture me seriously.” DJ Saint revealed..

DJ saint added that they would quarrel each day, something that led to the break up.

There were fights now and then..so I decided enough is enough…We gad reached a point of no return. I felt that it was not right to raise my kid in such an environment.” DJ said narrated.

The Dj also disclosed that Karen Nyamu is a goid mother snd the two are co-parenting the kid.

After seperation, Karen met Samidoh and they were blessed with two kids.

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