Kenyan lady cancels wedding after fiancee asks her to cut ties with baby daddy

A kenyan lady has elicited divided reactions among Kenyans on social media, after she narrated how she cancelled wedding after husband-to-be asked her to cut ties with her baby daddy.

The lady identified as Yvonne Kontoz said she was all prepared to tie knot with her fiancee. The man however kept on insisting that she cut tie with the father of her daughter.

Few days ago i called off my Engagement…wuuueh,nyota yangu ni kama pastor Ezekiel ameenda nayo jela🤣…,” she said.

She further noted that to there is nothing that would make her separate her daughter from her biological father.

My Fiancé was good,he loves me,has no problem with Taking care of me and my daughter Fully but there are things I can never compromise no matter how good you are to me…And one of them Is the relationship My daughter has with Her Father.. rules too apply, if you are still seeing your exe for whatever reason, we will break up, period.

Yvonne Kontoz went ahead and shared a screenshot of her warning his fiancee.

“I want her to grow knowing that her mum and Dad couldn’t be together but they all have her best interest at heart…I won’t deny Dad access to his child, me and him broke up but he loves his daughter.

So just think about it and let me know whether it’s okay with you. But if you insist ati hauko comfortable nikiongea na B.daddy, mapema ndio best. We can call of the plans,” read part of the screenshot.

FB IMG 16829149450874410 jpg Kenyan lady cancels wedding after fiancee asks her to cut ties with baby daddy

Mixed Reactions Among Kenyans

While responding to the post, Kenyans have expressed their divided opinions.Here are some of the reactions;

Marrying a single mother is just joining another man’s family. End of quote.

Niko sure huyo baby daddy angekua broke ungekua unamuita deadbeat🤣🤣🚮

Then expect to remain single for a loooong time…or urudi kwa baby daddy

If you’re a man who is still childless, NEVER EVER MARRY A WOMAN WITH A KID. NEVER.”

A responsible baby daddy also should get a chance for the rosecoco and vice versa.
Wewe rudiana na babydaddy tu mnakulana daily yet you are blackmailing the new man

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