What Kenyan Constitution Says About Assent of A Bill By President

Recently, several aggrieved Kenyans signed with relief after President William Ruto announced that he will not sign the contentious Finance Bill 2024.

His address came a day after Kenya witnesses wild protests across the country, that results to several deaths and loss of life. Aggressive protestors who took to the streets cited oppressive clauses in the bill.

While speaking during a press briefing at statehouse, the president bowed to the pressure of the protests and announced that he has withdrawn the bill.

However, a section of leaders affiliated to the Azimio coalition have expressed discontent with President William Ruto’s announcement.

While taking to social media, Rarienda MP and renown lawyer Otiende Amollo took a moment to school Netizens on what the law says about the final process of a bill, — The President Assent.

What Laws Days About Assent of The Bill By the President

1.Within 14 Days after receipt of a bill, the president shall —

  • a) Assent to the bill; or
  • b) Refer the bill back to parliament for reconsideration by parliament, noting any reservations that the president has concerning the bill.

2. If the president refers a bill back for reconsideration, parliament may, following the appropriate procedures under this part —.

a) Amend the bill in the light of the President’s reservations or
b) Pass the bill a second time without amendments.

3. If parliament amends the bill fully accommodating the president’s reservations, the appropriate speaker shall resubmit it to the president for assent.

4. Parliament, after considering president’s reservations, may pass the bill a second time, without amendments, or with amendments that do not fully accommodate the President’s reservations, by a vote supported—
a) By two thirds of members of the National Assembly; and
b) Two thirds of delegations in the senate, if it is a bill that requires the approval of the senate.

5. If a parliament has a bill under clause (4 above) —
a) The appropriate speaker shall within seven days resubmit it to the president; and
b) The president shall within seven Days assent to the bill.

6. If the president does not assent to a bill or refer it back within the period prescribed in clause (1) or assent it under (5) (b), the bill shall be taken to have been assented to on the expiry of that period.

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