President Ruto Confronts Samia Suluhu for using ‘Azimio’ in her Speech

Kenyan President William Ruto sarcastically confronted Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu for using a word that is common in Kenyan political scene.

While addressing Tanzanian parliamentarians in Kiswahili, William Ruto noted that he heard Samia Suluhu using words that in Kenyan political context are associated with opposition side of the government.

President Ruto jokingly told Samia Suluhu that in her speech, he heard her use the word ‘Azimio’ several times. He disclosed that he almost got worried because he thought that the Tanzanian President was drumming support for the Kenyan opposition alliance.

Lakini niko na malalamiko kidogo, wacha niseme. Kwamba, pia nimesikia kwa taarifa yako umerudia Azimio, Azimio, Azimio, hawa watu walikuwa na Azimio. Sasa nikapata kidogo wasiwasi kwa sababu kule kwetu Azimio ni mambo mengine. Azimio ni chama cha upinzani kiko na fujo kweli,” Ruto said while Tanzanian lawmakers burst into laughter.

President Ruto however noted that after paying attention to the context of the speech, he got to understand that the word Azimio can have a good meaning.

Lakini hata hivyo nimeelewa kwamba kumbe Azimio inaweza kuwa ni mambo mazuri ya makubaliano,” President William Ruto Ruto added.

William Ruto was speaking during Africa Food Systems Forum 2023 held in Tanzania. He noted that the continent has huge agricultural space that it must exploit. The President observed that it is time countries in Africa worked together and put to use their untapped resources.

“We must utilise the enormous arable lands that we have to our advantage,” he said.

President also Ruto noted that the favourable weather coupled with the deliberate recruitment of the youth into the sector will further make Africa food stable.

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