Rhouzie Osore dies 2 years after the time doctors predicted

Woman popularly known as Rhouzie Osore has passed on 2 years after the time doctors predicted she would die.

Rhouzie whose real name is Roseline Mary Kweyu was first diagnosed with Pneumonia in 2020. While she was being treated doctors diagnosed H.pylori. The latter disease caused severe gastric ulcers. Rhouzie was then advised to undergo a surgery that would cost her more than half a million.

Doctors Predict Rhouzie Osore Death

Rhouzie disclosed in April 2020 that doctors had said she would not see the year 2021. The voluptuous queen shared a lovely photos with her daughter to a popular Facebook group Trendy Smart and Classy Wear.

Rhouzie Osore dies 2 years after the time doctors predicted
Rhouzie Osore with her daughter

In the emotional post that appeared like a farewell message to her daughter, Rhouzie revealed that she was so hurt to imagine that she would leave her daughter.

“Bring those pic you will Treasure even in your next life . This is me and my Lovely daughter. Soon as the Dr told me I might to see end of 2020 in February.

I realized I’ve never taken the nice pic in a studio with my girl . I forced myself to smile through the pain to have this beautiful picture. She will always cherish the moment. ( we carried clothes to change n wigs for myself ) I do look at them n Smile . Let’s share such memorable pic,” she posted.

Rhouzie loved football and Rhumba

The deceased has been both an active and vibrant member of AFC Leopard football club. Fans have taken on social media to celebrate her contribution to the well-being of the club.

“Rhouzie Osore was actively involved with the club matters and will be remembered for pioneering of the ‘AFC Leopards 1K Initiative’. The initiative saw members fundraise for players upkeep and allowances in 2015,” a fan posted.

She also loved Rhumba music.

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