Victor Juma Accused Eric Omondi of Neglecting Him

Victor Juma, a Kenyan man who received Ksh. 400K help from comedian-turned-Philanthropist Eric Omondi has sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans on social media. This after he lamented that comedian has abandoned him, adding that he was only after fame.

Victor Juma went viral in 2023 during Azimio-One Kenya Alliance demonstrations, after police officera teargased her daughter. Armed with courage, he faced the government law enforcers but they turned out too strong.

The incident gained huge traction on social media, drawing the attention of many Kenyans.

Following the fateful incident, Eric Omondi who has made his name into the list philanthropist, moved promptly and initiated a fund drive in support of Victor Juma. The initiative raised Ksh. 400K, which Omondi used to get a relocate him from Mathare to Ruaka. Subsequently, he set up a boutique business for him.

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Victor Juma Confronts Eric Omondi

Speaking recently to a local YouTuber, Victor accused Omondi of abandoning him, and not picking his calls, leaving him to struggle in running the business independently.
“I still appreciate Eric Omondi because he came through even though he no longer picks up my calls. I want to apologise in case I wronged him. I have called him several times, but he is not answering my calls. When I call with a strange number, he picks up. I wonder what I did to him or if he finished my case,” he said.

Further, Juma disclosed that he moved from Ruaraka to a more pocket-friendly apartments, where he lays Ksh. 7000 rent down from Ksh. 18,000 rent.

After life became like that, I moved from Ruaka to the Obama estate. I moved to that place because life there is cheaper. I got a one-bedroom house at KSh 7,000, while at Ruaka, I used to pay KSh 18,000 for a one-bedroom house. I changed my lifestyle, but even Eric doesn’t know that. I just decided to move on independently,” he said.

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Kenyans Angry with Victor Juma

Reacting to Juma’s sentiments, Kenyan expressed displeasure terming him as ungrateful.

“This is what happens when you help someone without brains..” wrote one.

“The level of entitlement??….You are very ungrateful,” commented yet another Facebook user.

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