Vera Sidika cute photos in real nyash

Kenyans can do anything to clout chase. Veteran socialite Vera Sidika has caught Kenya by surprise after lying about nyash reduction surgery.

In her earlier post, the gorgeous video vixen had taken to social media a photo after an alleged butt surgery. In the photo the voluptuous behind had reduced immensely.

In the post Vera Sidika cited health concerns as part of the reason she took the move.

Due to health risks and complications, I had to undergo surgery,” she posted.

The sultry queen further thanked her family for standing with her.

Thanks to my family, especially my husband for being there for me. To my fans: I am still the same sweetest. Vera Sidika and that hasn’t changed,” Vera noted.

It was clout Chase for Vera Sidika

image 6 Vera Sidika cute photos in real nyash

Two day after causing the buzz on social media, Vera Sidika has released a rap song in full Nyash.

In a video shared by Nairobi Gossip club, the beautiful queen is seen displaying her full assets.

image 8 Vera Sidika cute photos in real nyash

Though happy, a section of fans have trolled her for causing the anxiety.

Here are some of the comments;

Nikita JahJah: Honestly I wasn’t offended coz I knew from the start but still…Mazafaka she is

Da Shevani: Poverty that’s why I was speaking to my shadow this morning. I advised it to travel abroad coz we can’t suffer both of us in this same Nation thank you.

Oscar KE: It was a brand new song shooting,check it at YouTube. Mauzo confirmed!wajinga sisi!

Yvone Kanana: I knew it was clout ameona amesaulika sana. But she is also cute.

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