“Tumeelewana na bibi yako,” Tears as landlord waives man’s rent after ‘consultation’ with wife 😭

A Whatsapp conversation between a landlord and a tenant has sparked mixed reactions on social media. The is after the landlord waived the rent charges after ‘consultation’ with the tenant’s wife.

The bittersweet chat began with greetings. The tenant went ahead and acknowledged that he was aware that he had not cleared rent and that he would do so soon.

Yes landlord… bado nakumbuka sijalipa rent ya last week tunalipwa hii weekend nivumilie nitalipa.. I’m sorry,” He said.

His plea turned into joy after the landlord announced that there was no need to pay. The joy was however cut short after the landlord revealed that he made the decision after having a consultation with his wife. This is after the tenant, inquired to know why he was so kind to him.

Tumeshaelewana na bibi yako,” The landlord said.

Screenshot 2023 06 08 15 50 20 87 jpg "Tumeelewana na bibi yako," Tears as landlord waives man's rent after 'consultation' with wife 😭

The furious man inquired to know the nature of agreement the landlord had his wife yet she was not salaried.

Mnaelewana aje na unajua vizuri hana kazi,” he furiously asked.

The tenant however left him more confused by telling him that his agreement with tenant’s wife was beyond comprehension.

Huwezi elewa,” he answered.

While reacting to the chat that has gone viral, a section of Kenyans advised the tenant to consider remarrying. Another section asked him to accept his financial situation and allow his wife to continue doing consultations with the landlord

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