DJ Fatxo thirsting on Sabina Chege

Kikuyu based artist Dj has refuted allegations that he was once in a romantic relation with lawmaker Sabina Chege.

Speaking to Jeff Koinange during an interview with Hot 96, the former KU tv DJ has maintained that the allegations are just rumors.

According to him, rumors about him dating the politician began when he bought a new Mercedes Benz.

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It all began when I bought a new Mercedes Benz. People spread rumors that Sabina Chege bought it for me,” he told Jeff.

The singer further pointed out that music industry has been ruined by rumors. According to him, artists spread rumors about their fellow colleagues to bring them down.

The singer has however noted that he wouldn’t mind dating the politician.

I wish the rumours were true. Sabina ni mali safi,” he said.

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