“Nitatumia Kiberiti Mtoto anifanane,” Woman begs man for a healthier seed

A Whatsapp conversation between a man and who appeared to be his ‘mpango wa kando‘ has elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans online. This after the lady requested for a ‘better seed’ from the man, adding that she will use matchbox powder to disguise the plan.

In the conversation, the wife revealed that his husband had gone to Mombasa for a 1-week trip. She suspected that his hubby would mcheza on her while there.

Ako Mombasa for a 1-week business trip. But I’m sure anaenda kunicheza na wasichana wake 😭.

As a revenge plan, the lady went ahead and requested the man to give her a mbegu poa, adding that she wanted a tall, dark and intelligent child.

By the way I need a favor. Nataka mbegu yako…. I need a tall, dark and intelligent child like you 😍,” She said.

The man was reluctant to the idea but the Lady had a master plan. She would use matchbox powder to make the kid look like her.

Nimejua siri… Nitatumia ile powder ya kiberiti.. mtoi atafanana na mimi kabisa.” She added.

I’ll come unielezee but I’m afraid if he finds out. I will have betrayed my friend.” The man responded.

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Use of Kiberiti not new in Kenya

This is not the first incident in Kenya.In 2021, another Whatsapp conversation involving use of Kiberiti to disguise cheating, lit the internet.

The conversation involved wife of a teacher who had gone for KCSE marking. The lady who wanted to have a steamy session with the man revealed that she would use matchbox powder to make the kid appear like her.

“….huyu mjinga ataenda KCSE marking. I will be yours for two weeks πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— πŸ™ˆ. Soon, lazima nibebe mimba yako. I will be on my fertile days, dont disappoint.

….. Don’t worry.Nitaweka Kiberiti.Atatoka akinifanana,” she said.

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