TSC to employ 58000 teachers

The Teachers service Commision (TSC) will employ 58000 teachers at a cost of 25B shillings. The Kenya Kwanza Education charter has clearly outlined how it intends to do it.

Ruto’s government will recruit 58000 teachers every year to address the ever growing teachers shortage in the education teachers. This is according the Education Charter that was signed by Kenya Kwanza during their campaign.

William Ruto further promised Kenyans to clear the teachers deficit in two ears. The recruitment process will be done in two phases with each taking in 58000 teachers.

“My government will ensure that we clear the teachers’ deficit in our schools. To do this my government will employ teachers in two phases. Each phase will take in 58000 teachers at a cost of 25 billion shilling each,” he said.

How Ruto’s government will employ 58000 teachers

The Kenya Kwanza government intends to allocate 25 billions shillings annually. The money will be used in training and recruitment of tutors especially in the marginalized areas.

There are over 300,000 unemployed teachers according to the statistics.

The fate of CBC

President William Ruto has further proposed to subject Competency Based Curriculum to review. It is because of this promise that William Ruto during his inauguration he announced that he will form a task force to review the curriculum. Adjustments will then be made depending on the findings.

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