Trisha Khalid Speaks Truth about Dating Hassan Joho

Just like many other celebrities, Kenyan actress Trisha Khalid’s personal life has been subject to public scrutiny and controversies.

Since she shot into fame, Trisha has had to deal with controversial stories being peddled on social media about her life.

Recently, she was forced to address rumours that she dated former Mombasa County governor Hassan Joho. While speaking, Trisha candidly admitted that she would not mind dating the highly sought after politician.

However, the 29-year old maintained that she has never had a steamy moment with Hassan Joho.

One of the weirdest rumour I ever heard about me was that I was dating former Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. To this day I have never understood how someone would just sit and come up with such untrue stories even without bothering to verify. That honestly shocked me,” Trisha said.

Further, the TikTok star revealed that she wouldn’t mind dating a sponsor (married man). According to her, Islamic religion allows men to marry up to four wives.

My view on dating married men has never changed, I don’t see anything wrong with dating married men. I’m Muslim and according to our teachings it’s halal for a man to marry up to four wives and there is good reason for that,” she added.

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A while back, Trisha Khalid caused outburst on social media after she advised young girls not to shun dating Sponsors.While speaking in an Interview, she candidly admitted dating a sponsor. She went ahead and advised girls in such relationships to invest wisely. According to her, sponsors seek transient pleasure and thus girls should learn to use finances acquired to secure their future.

Other rumour Trisha Khalid had to contend with was that her Nyash is artificially acquired. She dispelled rumours that she underwent surgery to acquya neck-breaking figure. She maintained that her figure is natural.

My Nyash is real. I wish you could see my mum,” she said.

Trisha Khalid is currently featuring in Citizen TV‘s Telenovela, ‘BECKY’.

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