Didmus Barasa in trouble over walimu wamekula kuku remark

Kimilili Member of Parliament Didmus Barasa has yet again found himself on the receiving end over his walimu wamekula kuku remarks.

The controversial parliamentarian made the talk while addressing members of his constituency. In his statement,Barasa has demonized the Competency based Curriculum being implemented in Kenya. According to him, teachers have taken advantage of the heavily demanding curriculum to wipe out chickens from homes

of parents.

” Walimu wamekula kuku hadi wamemaliza kwa boma (teachers have eaten all chickens in our home),”he said.

Didmus Barasa in trouble over walimu wamekula kuku remarks Didmus Barasa in trouble over walimu wamekula kuku remark

Didmus Barasa says teachers are asking learners to bring the birds to school for practicals. Teachers then dissects the birds, remove the unnecessary and carry the meat home to cook.

Barasa’s speech has not been received kindly. The agitated teachers have taken their protests on social media.

The angered tutors says Barasa’s word are demeaning the noble teaching profession. According to them, they only carry out the teaching activities as guided by the curriculum.

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Here are some of the reactions to walimu wamekula kuku remark

“What do these politician take us for..they feel we can’t afford Chicken? This is a total disrespect to teachers,” posted one.

“Barasa you are insulting us. Apologize and repent.”

“I’ve never in my life felt this insulted.”

“Kama walimu wa primary wanakula kuku, si was secondary watakula ng’ombe?”

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What next for CBC?

Didmus Barasa remarks comes amidst the dilemma on continuity the Compentency Based Curriculum.

President Uhuru Kenyatta government initiated the curriculum with a view of improving learners’ skills. The curriculum however encountered a lot challenges. A section of parents have complained that the curriculum is too demanding and burdening. Parents are according to them at times forced to take up the role of the learners.

President William Ruto promised to offer a solution on the matter while campaigning. True to his word Ruto has promised to form a task force that will collect reports on the curriculum and give the feedback. The president will then offer a solution based on the findings of the task force.

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