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Mama Rachael Ruto powerful prayers purifies dirty borehole water

Deputy President William Ruto’s wife Mama Rachael Ruto has sparked mixed reactions and heated debate after giving an ordeal of how her prayers worked miracles on dirty borehole water.

mama rachael ruto prayers purify dirty borehole water

While speaking during a prayer breakfast held at William Ruto’s Karen official home, Mama Rachel Ruto gave a moving testimony of how God answered her prayers and purified dirty borehole water at their Karen residence.

Dirty boreholewater

According to her, her husband drilled the borehole at their Karen private home in 2003.

It however turned out that the borehole water was not safe for drinking.

 “….where we live in Karen my husband drilled a borehole in 2003. When the water was taken to be checked in the labs, they told us that we could not drink that water as it was, until it purified,” she narrated.

She further revealed how her husband William Ruto had to acquire expensive machines to do the purification.

“My husband the deputy president went into a venture and bought very expensive water purifying machines. And that is what we have been doing.  Purifying the water before we can drink or use it”

According the Deputy President’s wife, the cost of maintaining the purifier was very high. They had to keep on replacing the filters now and then.

 “You could actually see the impurities, it was very impure. We had to keep on changing the filters.”

Mama Rachael however revealed that she had faith that God would do something to the water.

“But the lord kept reminding me about this what Elisha did, and I kept wondering and saying, supposing I and pray for this water, is it possible for it to be purified? “

 “Recently the purifying machines had gotten problems and I remember we spent lot of money to buy. I had called my team from Eldoret to come and do it for us and again after one week the water was not clean for use. I remember our boy at the residence was getting very frustrated.”

The prayerful Mama Rachael Ruto revealed hoe she was determined to change the situation.

 “I kept wondering, am I worthy to do what Elisha did. But I kept thinking, maybe I need a pastor, maybe I need a prophet, maybe I need someone else.  And the lord kept reminding me about that.”

MAMA Rachael Ruto Miracle prayers

mama rachael ruto borehoe william ruto home Mama Rachael Ruto powerful prayers purifies dirty borehole water

 “Usually Wednesday is our Day of prayer and fasting so I went for prayers then I thought let me go to the residence and see what is happening? When I got there, the lord reminded me about that water. You know what I did; I went to the kitchen, took a bowl, put salt and went to the borehole. And I went and decreed the words of Elisha. I said, this water will never be dirty again and I sprinkled the salt in the borehole. It was actually about to rain so I ran quickly and went to the house. “

“On Friday I went to the residence. I had some guests there.  And I saw the water was looking different. So I waited until the guests had left and I called the boy. I was like Shadrack , what happened to the water. He told me mum, I don’t know what happened to the water, the water is now clean. He told me yesterday on Thursday, I had to call other boys to come and see what happened to the water. He even told me that he was no longer taking the water through the purification machine, “she concluded


Mama Rachel Ruto narration has met applause and criticism in equal measure. While many hailed many hailed Mama Rachael for being prayerful and believing in power of God, a section has dismissed her testimony as mere political stunt.

According to them the deputy president’s wife was trying to lure Christians into believing Ruto is best suited to be the 5th president of Kenya.

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