Rosie, the Viral House help to make Ksh.100K per evening from TikTok

Do you remember Rosie, the viral Kenyan House help who was working in Lebanon?Well, she is set to be a millionaire courtesy of ever increasing fame.

Recently, Rosie’s former Lebanese Employer acknowledged her efforts on TikTok and speculated she will be earning a whooping Ksh. 100K per evening from the giant social media platform.

The Ex-Boss commended Rosie for monetizing her TikTok account and leveraging in the fame she gained after departure from Lebanon. She noted that soon, Rosie will be sinking in wealth drawn from TikTok.

Rosie is going live every night, and if she keeps up with good content every night she can make up to Sh 76,000 to Sh 153,000,” Rosie’s Ex-Boss said.

The Lebanese Employer is also actively present on TikTok. She has used the names of her two young kids, Marua and Cateleya as her handle.

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In her statement, she disclosed that she has been giving Rosie support. She however declined to give further details about the nature of the support.

The Lebanese Employer lauded Rosie’s commitment to building digital presence through regular live sessions. She noted that if Rosie maintains her commitment, she has a potential of earning enough money to feed her children, and that she will not need to go back to seek employment in Lebanon. She encouraged her fans to support Rosie’s live TikTok feeds.

That will be enough to take care of her kids in Kenya; support her life and send her gifts. She deserves to stay with her kids,” the mother of five added.

While speaking of how her children were treating the absence of Rosie, Maria’s mother noted that they were undeniably missing her. She shared that when the children, especially her twins Maria and Cateleya, see Rosie on social media, they become very sad.

She however noted that they are gradually coping with her absence, and that they will soon get over it.

Of course, Maria and Cateleya feel bad when they see her but they will get used to it,” she said.

One twin, Maria, was the most bonded to Rosie, and she had not been sleeping or eating well since Rosie’s departure, she disclosed in a different post

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