Tears as Akothee “Disowns” Nelly Oaks Amidst Break-up Speculations

Recently, Kenyan artist Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee was forced to respond to a fan who speculated that she has parted ways with long time friend and alleged lover Nelly Oaks.

Lately, the two lovebirds sparked breakup speculations following the shouting absence of Nelly Oaks in Akothee’s public appearances, as it was soon after she parted ways with her Caucasian hubby Denis Schweizer aka Omosh.

Nelly and Akothee rekindled their relationship, as she healed from her heartbreak, that came just within two months of her grand wedding with Omosh. The two were often seen hanging out and having good times together. Akothee took every available opportunities to gush and serenade Nelly Oaks.

To some point, Kenyans online roasted Akothee, with some accusing her of using Nelly Oaks to heal from her past relationship. The self proclaimed mother of break ups however downplayed claims of rekindling romance with Nelly Oaks, adding that he was all along crucial part of her life.

“It’s more than that. Nelly has been there for me all my life. His family and my family are extremely close. When my father sees Nelly, he lights up, tears well his eyes. The public has their own version of what they assume happened between us. But behind closed doors, there’s a lot you don’t see online,” Akothee emotionally narrated.

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“He saved me from drowning in a bathtub at the Weston Hotel. I was going through a terrible time, I was deeply depressed, Nelly is the only man who stood by me. At my lowest, when I was fighting with my baby daddies, I contemplated suicide. It was the darkest period of my life. No one was there to help me pull through, except Nelly Oaks. Nelson has witnessed me being thrown out of Switzerland, he has witnessed me fighting two Wazungus in the middle of Europe. My relationship with Nelson surpasses a dance. It has nothing segxual.”

Akothee was last seen with Nelly in public during her charity golf tournament in April. Following Nelly’s absence in her recent posts, many have raised concerns. One of her fans probed to know his whereabouts.

“Nelly alienda wapi?” the social media user posed in one of her latest posts.

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Responding to the query, Akothee said that she was also not aware of his whereabout.

“Hata mimi sijui labda uniambie,” she responded.

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