Sultana: 4 facts about Mwanaisha Johari of citizen Tv

Mwanaisha Johari popularly known as Sultana has been celebrated for her ability to keep fans glued on screens. She features on popular Citizen Tv’s program dubbed Sultana.

Sultana was born in a rich family but ended growing up in a humble background.

She plays a role of visually impaired actor who is in love with JJ. Sultana lives under the care of Bi Salama who served as midwife during her birth. Her biological parents are Mejja and Ua, a secret only by Bi Salama and aziah, the househelp of Mejja.

Despite her disability, Sultana is beautiful. She has stolen the heart of many including JJ and Kokani who are fighting to win her heart.

Here are 4 facts about Sultana.

1.Real name

Unknown to many Sultana is just a stage name. Her real names are Mwanaisha Johari

2. Sultana is not blind

Sultana has perfectly fitted into the role of a visually impaired character. Her top notch acting skills has made made Kenyans believe that she is actually. This is not the case. Mwanaisha Johari is a beautiful lady who has no disability.

3. Mwanaisha Johari is a Kenyan

Mwanaisha was born in the coastal regions of Kenya. She grew and received her education in the region.

4. She is not married

Sultana episodes present Sultana as a beautiful girl has won the heart of many. Men like JJ and Kokani are fighting to have.

In real life Mwanaisha has not disclosed much about her relationship. The actress has managed to keep her love life so private.

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