“Sijaguza Rosecoco for 3 years,” YouTuber Vincent Mboya reveals

Kenyan content creator Vincent Mboya has caused a stir on social media after making a shocking revelation about his love life on social media.

While speaking to a local YouTuber, Mboya divulged on his love life adding that he is not planning to date any soon. He noted that many young celebrities rush into relationships and end up in tears.

I’m not in a relationship and I am not planning to date any soon. If you check my DM it is full of messages from beautiful girls but I am not planning to date any of them. I am too young to fall in love.” Mboya said.

According to Mboya, Upcoming content creators should take take time and make impact on their lives. He noted that many celebrities misuse their influence and money and end up broke.

The problem with Kenyan content creator is that they are running into relationships and flashy lifestyles. I want to stay single and make impact. I want to assure you that after 5 years, these couples that keep posting on social media will have divorced.” he said.

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On how he survives without steamy sessions, Mboya revealed that he has not serviced rosecoco for the past three years. He claimed that the last time it happened he was under influence and was not aware what was happening.

Mimi sijafanya ngono kwa miaka tatu. And the last time nilifanya ngono sikuwa najielewa. Vile niamka nagundua what I’m doing nilitoka mbio.”

He further said that he sleeps with belt buckled to keep off the idea of getting a girlfriend.

Mimi hulala nikiwa nimefunga belt. I’m not planning to get a girlfriend.

Vincent Mboya, who became an internet sensation in 2021, recently bought a car. He shared a short clip of his mother blessing the newly acquired Ksh. 900K Suzuki Salio.

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