10 Profitable business Ideas in Kenya that can easily make you a millionaire

Well, starting a business can be easy but making profits out of it is a steep mountain to climb. Choosing the right sector to invest in is very crucial in making returns.
Did you know that you do not have to invest millions to be become a millionaire?

In this article, Public News Kenya will look at some profitable business ideas you can start with less than 50K capital.

1.Collecting and Sorting Garbage

Garbage collection and sorting is one of the most underrated yet profitable venture. If you reside in Urban area – towns and markets, this is good idea to give a try.

It does not require much capital to start, just means of transport and carriage bags/containers.With Ksh. 30,000 you can start the business — use sh. 20,000 to hire a car, sh. 20, 000 to fuel and the remaining Sh. 10,000 to buy carriage containers.

What you need to do is approach apartments and residential home owners. Strike a deal with them that you will collecting garbage from their apartments at a small fee. You can charge between Sh. 3000 and 5000 per month depending on the size of apartment or home.

Going by maths, you just need 30 clients to generate over sh. 100,000 per month. From the income you can hire one person to help you.

To further amplify you returns, you can sort the garbage and sell the edibles to pig farmers

2.Car Wash

Going by the current economic times, everyone want to go for cheap yet quality services. Starting a car wash is one of the Ideal business idea that can yield high returns.

What you need to do is to look for a good location with a source of water and electricity. Depending on the area, it will cost you between Ksh. 4000 and 8000 in rent.

If you manage 10 clients in a day at an average of Ksh. 3000 per client, you will have made close to Sh. 100,000 in a month. You can maximize your profits by providing other services like cleaning carpets and selling snacks.

3.Mobile Salon / Barber

Mobile Salon or barber is a business idea that can give you high returns , yet it requires little capital to start. All you need is skills in hairdressing, manicure, pedicure and hair-cutting.

It’s like taking your talent on the road and bringing beauty right to your clients’ doorsteps.

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It’s a smart way to turn your talent into a thriving venture while keeping things convenient for your clients.

To start this business, you need to purchase all the required tools and have somewhere where you will park them neatly when going to clients. You can then start sourcing for clients through social media platforms or through friends.

4.Motorcycle Repair Business in Kenya

Many people in Kenya use motorcycles as it is the cheapest way to travel from place to place. The problem with motorcycles is that they break down often because they are relatively old and poorly maintained. This means you can start a motorcycle repair business by acquiring some tools, learning how to fix them, and opening your workshop.

5.Home daycare/ Baby Sitting

Parents are busy, especially in urban areas, and do not have enough time to care for their children because they must go to work.

Parents always want to leave their loved ones in safe hands, and daycares are among the best places to go for children.

You can market your business and care for the child for a fee. It can be a full-time business or part-time. But you will need helping hands as clients increase.

6.Selling second-hand clothes (mitumba business)

Selling second-hand outfits popularly known as Mitumba business is among the most profitable businesses that do not require a lot of capital. You can acquire space in a market or hawk the clothes. Mitumba clothes are always in demand because they are unique and affordable. You can visit big markets like the famous Gikomba to get “camera” clothes or open a bale with 50K.

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7.Mobile Money Agent

The Mobile Money Agent business in Kenya has experienced remarkable growth. Nearly every Kenyan uses various money transfer services, including M-Pesa, Airtel Money, Eitel, and T-Kash.Despite the presence of many operators, the continuous influx of customers ensures a steady flow of business opportunities.

If you are thinking on which business to venture, Mobile Money Agent business is the one. You need to set up your business in areas with huge traffic.

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8.Poultry Farming

Rearing chickens for meat or eggs can be so profitable if you emply the right modern food production technique.

With the fast rising demands for chicken products, the venture has created millionaires.

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9.Laundry business

Laundry businesses are excellent businesses to start in Kenya. They are profitable and available for rent almost everywhere, even in slums. You can start a laundry service like dry cleaning or washing clothes with whatever equipment you have, like a washing machine at home.

The laundry businesses are very profitable because people usually need them. After all, clothes get dirty. The most profitable laundry businesses use advanced washing machines to make them faster and more efficient.


Creating a blog and making money out of is an idea business idea you would want to try.

It involves building a loyal fan base. Once you have good audience, you can start making money through product promotion, brand marketing and online sales.

You can also partner with Ads serving Companies like Google Adsense and MGID to place Ads on your website and pay your depending on your traffic.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this article is for general knowledge. Public News Kenya is not liable for how you will use the information.

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