“Hustler Tawala,” Shock as Man uses LPG cylinder to fuel his motorbike

Over the recent past, Kenyan motorists have been going through hard times owing to the high cost fuel. This is after Petrol and Diesel hit over Ksh. 200 per litre, the highest price in the Kenyan history.

A young Kenyan bodaboda rider has however amazed Kenya after coming with cheaper option of fueling his motorbike. The young man left Netizens on the edges of their seats watching a video a of him using LPG cylinder to fuel a motorbike.

In the video that has gone viral, the man fitted the gas cylinder on his motorbike and connected it to the fuel system using a plastic pipe.

The young man went ahead and demonstrated to the eager Kenyans how it worked and Yes! It worked so well.

A section of Kenyans however expressed skepticism about the efficiency of using a gas cylinder as alternative of Petrol and Diesel. Some argued that the move was risky, especially due to overheating of the cylinder.

Thumbs up…the man is so creative. It’s a no for me. What if the cylinder explodes?” One Facebook asked.

Hapa serikali iingililie kati…it is forcing Kenyans to risk their lives.” Yet another Kenyan commented.

Yesterday, Citizen Tv aired a story of Kenyans using LPG cylinders to fuel generators. The farmers have opted to using the cylinder as the cheaper alternative for pumping water to their farms.

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