Meet Fake Lawyer Brian Mwenda who has won 26 court cases

Brian Mwenda has worn 26 court cases

The Law Society of Kenya LSK, Nairobi Branch Rapid Action Team (RAT) has nabbed Brian Mwenda Njagi alias “Mike Ross” (pictured below), who has been falsely presenting himself as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a member of the branch.

The impostor was nabbed after RAT received complaints from the public about his fraudulent activities.Brian Mwenda has reportedly been masquerading as an Advocate of Kenya for quite a long time, despite having not set his feet in a Law School.

According to the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) records he is not an advocate and has no license to practice law in the country.

Brayo has been working as an advocate huko Nairobi. Writing asset sale agreements, overseeing affidavits, doing funny letters to bloggers who expose criminals, helping people with their divorce papers, cross-examining witnesses starting with, “I put it to you that….”, representing Kenyans in courts, winning cases and all,” One Kenyan revealed on social media.

Surprisingly, Brian argued 26 cases before High Court Judges, Magistrates, and Court of Appeal Judges, and won all of them before his arrest.

He is currently being held at the RAT offices pending further investigations.

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Mixed reactions over Arrest of lawyer Brian Mwenda

While reacting to the news of Brian Mwenda’s arrest Netizens expressed mixed reactions. A section lauded the LSK move to clean industry. Those who expressed different opinion argued that having won 26 cases, Brian Mwenda has already exhibited beyond doubts that he qualifies to be a lawyer.

See some reactions below;

“He won 26 cases better than our qualified lawyers,he should be admitted to the bar immediately”

“So he argued in court and actually managed to beat real and accredited lawyers?Makofi πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘”

“26 is a good number.He should go to law school.”

“Ordinarily would you ask for someone’s credentials before procuring their services as lawyer? Moreso if they have an history of winning cases to boot? hard to dismiss the victims with a mere wave of hand”

“If he won 26 cases for others, this case will be a walk in the park for him.”

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