How Cows helped Kawira Mwangaza beat Kiraitu Murungi

How Cows helped Kawira Mwangaza beat Kiraitu Murungi in Meru County gubernatorial race

How cows helped kawira mwangaza beat Kiraitu Murungi in Meru gubernatorial race is a story that will fascinate you. When Kawira kawira mwangaza announced his gubernatorial bid, everybody was skeptical about her win. Nobody would imagine the incumbent Meru County women rep would beat the Meru political giant Kiraitu Murungi.

Kawira gubernatorial bid became more vicious in 2020 when she vowed to trounce Kiraitu Murungi. At first Kiraitu dismissed her as political flower girl whose governorship ambition was a mirage.

How Cows helped Kawira Mwangaza beat Kiraitu Murungi

Kawira political journey began in 2013 when she contested for Buuri constituency Parliamentary seat but lost.

After losing the MP seat Kawira began a philanthropic program that was aimed at helping the community.  Kawira moved across the Meru County helping the needy. These activities were given fully coverage by a local TV station BAITE she co-owns with his husband.

In 2017, Kawira Mwangaza ran for Women Rep position and trounced then Women Rep Florence Kajuju.

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How Kawira Mwangaza used cows to eat Kiraitu Murungi.

After clinching the women rep seat, Kawira Mwangaza intensified her charity program. She would visit Women groups (chamas), Bodaboda riders groups and other special group to offer help.

One of the donations that stood out was the dairy cows.
How Cows helped Kawira Mwangaza beat Kiraitu Murungi
Kawira Mwangaza giving aout a cow during her camaign.

During the last days of her campaigns Kawira Mwangaza intensified her help and one of the donations that stood out was dairy cows. As she sold her her agenda to the voters, Kawira would carry along a cow. She would then offer it to a needy voter in a highly hyped process that give an impression of a Messiah, committed to delivering people from poverty.

This gesture warmed many hearts of Meru residents. Many voters identified Kawira Mwangaza as a caring person who was on a mission to help the needy.

Kawira floored Mithika Linturi and Kiraitu Murungi in a hotly contested race. She garnered 209,158 votes. Mithika linturi of UDA has followed with 183, 859 votes and Kiraitu Murungi  closed third with 110,850 votes.

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