Politician Alinur Mohamed confronts Highschool teachers for producing many Es in 2023 KCSE

City politician Alinur Mohamed has gone after the teachers of 2023 KCSE candidates who scored grade E.

While taking to social media hours after Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu announced the 2023 KCSE results, Alinur confronted secondary school teachers score the poor grades.

The flamboyant businessman wondered why teachers receive so much money from parents and yet produce such poor performance.

According to him, any student can attain the low performance without the help of teachers.

48,174 candidates have scored an E in the 2023 KCSE exams. Teachers taking money from parents for 4 good years and returning their kids with grade Es? A grade you can score without stepping in class or reading, just writing your name and submitting the answer booklets. Sad!” Alinur Mohamed published on Facebook

Reacting to the post, Kenyans expressed mixed reactions as some defended teachers as having done their work. A section other argued that studenta who perform poorly in classes stands better chances of succeeding in life.

Don’t blame the teachers please, a teacher can struggle but the students might not be willing to do what’s directed by them, for example me I wasn’t good at chemistry and my teacher tried his best to an extent of sacrificing time to help but my mind wasn’t in good terms with chemistry,, wacheni kuwalaumu walimu,” commented Vincent Kirui.

Anthony Kithinji said,”Success in education is not only grades,there other aspects of life acquired my friend.”

“I didn’t realize u blamed teachers on poor performance of a child,,,, imagine those who scored A’s were in the same class as those who scored an E.,” Ndege Maxwell responded.

“Those are potential job creators. Congrats to them.” Ruth said

48174 candidates score E in 2023 KCSE results

Speaking while releasing the 2023 KCSE Exam results, Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu disclosed that nearly 50,000 candidates scored E.

The CS announced that a total of 48,174 candidates scored E in the released results. Among them, 19,960 candidates are females while 28, 214 are males.

Further, the CS revealed that a total of 1216 attained a mean grade of A. Out of the number, 889 students were from national school.

According to 2023 KCSE results report, 201,133 candidates attained a minimum grade of C+, which is the entry grade for university.

Over 22.27% of 2023 KCSE candidates have attained a direct entry to university,” Ezekiel Machogu noted.

Additionally, the results of 4109 candidates were withheld over Exam malpractices. 3685 candidates were also reported to have missed exam over unclear circumstances.

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