Willy Paul Reveals Why he ditched gospel Music “Karibu Niuliwe”

Kenyan Musician Willy Paul has disclosed shocking details on why he ditched gospel Music for secular hits.

The singer whose fame has continued to grow after he recently released Gifted Hands Album shared the revelation, highlighting that he passed through hard moments that pushed him out of the gospel music industry.

Speaking during an Interview with a local radio station, the singer noted that some undisclosed people made his life gospel music industry so hard that he had to quit.

So much happened. At times you get to a point where you feel that ‘If I don’t quit I’ll die’. You are left with no choice but to leave such environment. A lot things happened when I was in gospel music music industry. I don’t want to Start finger but they know themselves,” he said.

The ‘Kitanzi’ hitmaker went further and said that ditching Gospel music was a good decision, or he would have other resoryed to suic!de.

He noted that he doesn’t regret the decision.

The people I was working with know well what they did to me. I chose not to speak but made a decision I don’t regret to date. Should I not have taken the move, you would have heard stories that I became made or committed su!cide. The environment was so toxic.”

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