Jalang’o: This is how I used my first salary

First salary is arguably a very memorable thing in career life of every person. If you ask any person, they will most likely tell you the amount they received and how they spent it.

While many are clueless on how to use their first salary, many opt to party or treat themselves to best electronic gadgets.

Speaking during a past Interview, former Kiss FM radio presenter Jalango narrated how he spent his first salary when he started working in Radio Africa.

Jalang’o joined Kiss FM after the exit of Nyambane, and she hosted a morning show alongside Caroline Mutoko. The move was a great milestone to the comedian’s career in media. Besides placing him on limelight, the job came along with a hefty salary.

Jalango shared that upon receiving first salary, he treated his friend Captain Otoyo to a sumptuous lunch.

‘I checked my salary and withdrew 2K, I then went to Mac Fries and bought fries. I called Otoyo and told him ’kuja hapa kuna chipo na kuku.’’ he said.


Further, the now Lang’ata lawmaker upgraded his house by acquiring a new bed and a Ksh. 20K television.

”I also bought myself a new bed and upgraded my TV. I bought a new one for around 18-20K, at least it was clear than what I had. Can you imagine sleeping on a new bed, watching TV and you are full?’‘ He joked.

Jalang’o is currently serving as Lang’ata Member of Parliament. In one of past Interview, he admitted that his fortunes decreased after joining politics.

“I am currently (as MP) earning half of what I earned as a radio host,” he said.

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