Rapper Ssaru Reveals that her dowry is 1 billion shillings

Kenyan rapper Ssaru has continued to cause uproar among Netizens over the huge amount Kenyan men will have to cough in order to have a steamy session with her.

A while back while speaking to Plug Tv, the Talented artist left Kenyans in shock after she disclosed her dowry. She disclosed that any man planning to marry her must be ready to pay Ksh. 1 billion.

On why she demanded the huge amount, the ‘Nyama’ hitmaker divulged that her worth increases with age.

“I do not want to be married now, but in the future. Every year, my dowry increases. I want KSh 1 billion,” Ssaru.

While reacting to her sentiments, Kenyans online expressed varied reactions, with some arguing that the amount was too much for ordinary Kenyan men.

Kwani ni ndege tunanunua… Anyway. Unless kama unasema in terms of Ugandan shillings,” commented one Kenyan.

Ssaru is not the first celebrity to disclose her dowry.

For media personality King Kalala, any man planning to marry her will have to cash out Ksh. 12 millions. The radio queen made the revelation a while back during a radio show.

Similarly, Stivo Simple Boy’s Ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy maintained that her dowry will be Ksh. 12 millions and a high-end car.

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Justina Syokau too want 1 billion for dowry

For Justina Syokau, popularly known for her song “Twendy Twendy”, her husband should by a young man who is a billionaire.

Speaking to Tuko News on why prefers a young man, Justina said, “I don’t want to date an old man. I want someone young, energetic, and good in b*d. I want a 25-year-old billionaire. I don’t mind about his tribe or race.”

She added, “Mzee Wa 70 years hawezi nifikisha cloud 9. I want his son.

Justina said she will not waste time once she meets her prince charming. She said her dowry would be KSh 2 billion.

As long as he is ready to marry me within three days, I am ready. The first day he should propose to me with a diamond ring worth over KSh 5,000,000. Second day would be dowry payment at my parents’ home in Machakos, which is KSh 2 billion, and on the third day, we tie the knot in a colourful wedding on a yacht in Dubai,” she explained.

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