“Mimi siwezi olewa na mzungu,” Betty Kyallo reveals

Media personality Betty Kyallo has once again given Kenyans a snippet of her love life. The fast rising entrepreneur was speaking to digital content creator 2Mbili during.

While speaking in short question and answer session, Betty Kyallo who was donning a beautiful red dress ruled out the possibility of getting married to a whiteman. Unlike her Akothee who has high taste for the Wazungu, Kyallo revealed that she prefers a black skinned men.

Mimi siwezi olewa na mzungu.I prefer this colour (pointing to her skin),” she said.

The mother of one further said she was happy that Akothee, who she reffered as queen of single mothers, is finally off market. She noted that Akothee has eased the congestion, adding that her wedding is on the way.

I’m so happy for my sister… I’m super excited. Atleast ametoa jam. Hata mimi nitawed soon,” she added.

Betty Kyallo New Boyfriend

A while ago, Betty confirmed she was in love and said she would only reveal the mystery lover once they had planned everything, including marriage.

I want to put it uko chini mpaka sasa tuamue tunaenda to the world tuoane nini nini.

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She however explained that she will not go for a bigger wedding because only the two of them will live to cherish the moment.

This time round, I don’t think I will do those big things, those big weddings, because I have come to realize that it’s all about two people,” she added.

The former News Anchor maintained that she wanted them to get to know each other first without the camera pressure.

I am happy, and I just want to know him, and I want him to know me without all these cameras,” she said

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