Michael Bundi and Fayez to perform in Zambia

Kenyan popular duo Michael Bundi and his son Fayez have disclosed that they will be performing in Zambia on 30th September. They broke the news through social media that they will be performing out of the country in an event dubbed ‘Emoji Fest Events’.

Hello Guys, Grab Your Tickets. We will be performing live in Lusaka, Zambia on 30th September. ❤️💛💚 Follow Emoji Fest Events for more information. 😁 ,” Michael Bundi wrote on social media.

The inseparable duo have been entertaining their fans through powerful reggae versions of national and international hits songs.

Michael Bundi who is a 2019 Grammy awards nominee realised that Fayez could sing when he was two years old. At that tender age, Fayez was drumming well to songs, he was on pitch, on key and used to sing along despite not being able to speak properly.

The two rose into limelight after they did a cover of Jamaican reggae artiste Chronnixx’s song, “dreadlocks”. The cover went viral and gained traction on social media. in a few hours, it had garnered over 50,000 views. People started sharing the videos all over and they got noticed.

While speaking in a previous interview, Bundi disclosed that Singing with his son has been an incredible experience which has unlocked success doors for their family.

Last year, their TikTok account emerged the most viewed in Kenya.

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