Nyako speaks on dying soon, regrets turning down Brian Chira

TikToker Nyako regrets not settling her differenceb with Brian Chira when he was alive, before the untimely death through a road accident.

Speaking during a TikTok live session, the mother of 3 opened up on crossing paths with Brian Chira, and declining to give a chance to make amends.

Initially, Nyako and the late content creator Brian Chira were great friends. She even went ahead and mobilised.

Regardless, Chira went wild on social media few days after receiving help and accused Nyako of ill-talking about his late mother. The furious Chira told off Nyako, saying that she was no longer interested in her help.

Later, Chira tried to apologize through TikTok live session but Nyako declined to give him a chance.

We have all failed Brian Chira. We have failed him. I failed him more because he looked for me but I said no; when it comes to Chira, I just want my peace. So let’s stop pretending to be heroes….we have failed him.”

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She noted that she is ready to be friends with Chira in later life, in case she dies.

Maybe it’s me who will follow him. I feel life my days are numbered. I’ll meet him somewhere. We shall be friends. We shall all go at one time. I am also sick and I have health issues, I may die any time. I have already accepted my state. I’ll therefore die and I’ll be glad to meet Brian Chira,” she added.

Brian Chira after a grisly road accident involving a Lorry. According to reports, the influencer was run over by a lorry why crossing road shortly after alighting after a motorbike.

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