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Revealed: Why Pastor Owuor was gifted a private Jet in Brazil

On Saturday 10, revered preacher Prophet Dr. David Owuor was gifted a private jet in Brazil after a Gospel missions in which he delivered electrifying sermons.

Dr. Owuor was handed the jet,a high-end Lear Business Jet 45 from Bombardier Aerospace Manufacturers, after winding up the revival mission hosted by the State Deputy in the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro, Rosenverg Reis.

While speaking during the gifting process, Reis divulged that the craft will go along way in propelling and amplifying Dr. Owuor’s global evangelistic missions.

We thank the Man of God for his dedication to spreading the Gospel of the cross and the transformative power of Jesus and we have decided as a State to honour him with a high-end Lear Business Jet 45 from Bombardier Aerospace Manufacturers to facilitate his gospel mission,” Reis said.

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According to the sources, the man of God who is the leader of Holiness and Repentance ministry has been camped at Rio de Janeiro for close to two weeks, where he attracted multitude of congregants. Thereafter the prophet shifted camp to city of Duque de Caxias and the coastal city of Cabo Frio, where thousands of people came out to hear the soul-healing sermons and witness numerous miracles.

Speaking after the conclusion of the mission, the Mayor of Cabo Frio, Magdala Furtado, who reportedly organized the meetings had this to say, “The Prophet’s message resonates with us and we ask him to continue blessing Brazil. Our people need his impactful ministry and message of hope, spiritual renewal, and healing. This is a source of inspiration for positive change in our nation.”

As his mission drew to a close, Prophet Owuor was hosted to an exclusive dinner by Reis who invited the man of the cloth to a Gospel crusade in Brazil at the same time next year.

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