NJUGUSH: My Jealous Cousin Almost Shut My Dream

Famous Kenyan content creator Timothy Kimani Ndegwa popularly known as Njugush has narrated how his blood cousins tried to shut his dreams.

In an interview with Youtuber Eve Mungai, Njugush has disclosed that his cousin disdainfully refused to watch his content.

So I have this cousin pale kwa family gathering nilikuwa nimeanza kutokea kwa hapa kule news pale so I expected to be famous. Thought Nitakuwa talk of the Day.

So one cousin akasema by the way umeona tim, anakujanga KTN hapa kule news. Cousin yangu akasema hatuonangi KTN tunaonganga Citizen.

So cuzo akamwambia sasa si utakuwa unawatch KTN juu timo yuko. Huyo cousin akajibu, tukitafuta nini? In my presence,” Njugush narrated.

Njugush revealed that his cousins remarked left him crushed. According to him, the cousin was among the well doing members of the extended family.

His words crushed me. He is that cousin everyone was looking up to-Mwenye ukigrow unasema you want to be like him.Its like your Dad akwambie hii kazi unafanya ni ya upuzi,” he said in nostalgia.

The content creator now says the tables have ever since turned.

Few years later napostiangwa kila week-chilling with cuzo. Tunapiga picha nyingi anapost. Saa hii ndio nimekuwa cousin?,” he added.

Njugush was responding to the question on Andrew Kibe attack. In an earlier interview, self-made moral police Kibe attacked Njugush for involving his wife in content creation.

Njugush says that after surviving the belittlement of his cousin, he does not care about other people’s opinions.

“I don’t care. I will do anything it takes to take our family out of poverty. That is my goal,” he said.

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Njugush has further revealed that he quit TV in 2015 after some other celebrities like Abel Mutua left.

When I got home, I broke the news to my mum.”

Njugush say his mother was not amused.

My mother asked me, Kogurukaga?(Are you mad). When we hear mum utter such words, we know she is at her climax,” he narrated.

Njugush began by creating small skits on Facebook and Instagram.

I already had 20K followers in Instagram. So I began doing short comedies. Followers began doubling and here I am.”

Njugush is currently is one of Kenya’s top content creators minting millions from his work.

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