Bahati and Marua reveals why they have not slept for the last 28 hours

Kenyan artist Kelvin Kioko popularly known Bahati has disclosed that he and his wife Diana Marua have not managed to take a rest nor sleep for the past 28 hours.

Bahati posted a photo on his Facebook account in which the lovebirds were captured in their luxurious car. The two were visibly tired, as Diana Marua closed eyes, a clear sign of exhaustion.

The ‘Abebo’ hitmaker shared that they chose not to sleep for more than 28 hours, and rather committed their time on the project they are working on. He said that they are working on a big project that will excite their fans.

The artist who hails from Mathare, who tried his luck in last general elections unsuccessfully, shared the big project they are working on will surprise Kenyans. According to him, the project once completed will emerge as the biggest in 2024.

We have not Slept for the Last 28 hours… We have Been Preaparing a Big Project for you this 2024… Mrembo amechoka wacha nimpeleke Home akalale 😴” Bahati said.

However, Bahati did not give further details about the nature of the project he is undertaking.

Since he lost Mathare Parliamentary Seat bid in August 2022, Bahati has not been releasing hits frequently as before. Rather, he has been busy supporting Marua’s Youtubing and music career.

Few months ago, Diana Marua reached over one million subscribers on YouTube, becoming the first lady in Kenya to get such huge number on social platform.

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