DJ FATXO: music career, love triangle and Geoffrey Mwathi Controversy

DJ FATXO, whose real name is Lawrence Njuguna, is a popular DJ and Mugithi singer.

DJ Fatxo got into hustling world as a deejay. He however rose to fame when he released his debut Mugithi hit, Ndi Mang’a, which made him an instant celebrity.

He has been thriving in his music and businesses until recently when he his name was dragged into alleged suicide incident.

So, who is DJ FATXO?

DJ FATXO ; Real names, Dj career, Mugithi music career, Geoffrey Mwathi Suicide Controversy

He was born in and raised in Nyandarua, County that prides itself as home of several Mugithi Singer like Samidoh and Jose Gatutura.

The Mugithi singer is the only child in their family. He is married to a beautiful wife and the two are blessed with a kid.

Early 2021, Dj Fatxo lit the internet after he gifted his parents a house during Valentines Day celebrations.The gift was accompanied by a special message he shared on social media. The singer thanked his parents for teaching him vital values, among them kindness and how to be tough during bad times.

“Thank you, Mom, for showing me how to be kind to everyone. Thank you, Dad, for showing me how to be strong in the bad times. I owe so much to both of you! Everything that I learned in life, is from you two,” DJ Fatxo wrote.

Few days after gifting his parents, the Mugithi singer also bought a new car for his girlfriend as she celebrated her birthday. The singer described the move as an expression of love to his fiancee.

“Somebody help me wish this pretty soul a Happy Birthday. I promised myself that i will come back for those that starved with me. Enjoy your new machine and never stop praying for your boyfriend,” DJ fatxo wrote on social media.

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Is DJ Fatxo in Relationship with Sabina Chege?

In one of the recent interviews, Dj Fatxo was forced to break silence on the allegation that he was dating former Muranga Woman Representative Sabina Chege.

Rumours of the two dating broke into the internet in 2022. A section of Kenyans on social media mantained that Dj Fatxo was drinking from Sabina Chege honeypot, and that she is the one who bought him a Mercedes Benz.

While speaking during the interview, the singer came out to strongly refute dating rumours between him and the politician. According to him, the two have only interacted as business partners and friends.

“I respect Sabina Chege so much as a politician and actually I don’t even have a photo with her. We do not have even a single photo of together as friends or even during campaigns, we do not have any,” the singer said.

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DJ Fatxo Deejaying Career

DJ Fatxo began his hustling journey as a DJ. He played in various places including KU TV.His name was not so big in the entertainment industry until when he joined Sailors Gang as their official DJ.

Through interaction with big names in the industry, DJ Faxto began being popular.

DJ Fatxo Music careerThrough interaction with Mugithi Singer, DJ Fatxo began his music career. His debut song, Ndi Mang’a, shot him to fame.

The singer has ever since made his name in the media industry, with over 150K YouTube subscribers.

DJ Fatxo caught in Geoffrey Mwathi Suicide Controversy

DJ FATXO ; Real names, Dj career, Mugithi music career, Geoffrey Mwathi Suicide Controversy

In the recent past, the Mugithi singer has been trending on social media following the mysterious death of a 23-year-old man in his house.

In a statement taken by Kasarani Police Station, DJ Fatxo and other men identified as his cousin and driver said Geoffrey Mwathi allegedly fell from the 10th floor of Redwood Apartments along USIU Road.

Before the mysterious death, Geoffrey Mwathi was contracted by the singer to refurbish the decor of his shop and an office.

Excited, the 23 year old man left his home to meet with the Mugithi singer and talk about the specifics of the assignment. He reportedly shared the good news with his mother who lives in Qatar and even asked for Ksh 200 fare.

After meeting and discussing about the job, the two visited various night clubs with the last one being Quivers lounge.

The two in company of three Ladies were later captured by CCTV cameras arriving at Dj Fatxo’s apartment at around 3 AM.According to the footage, Dj Fatxo left and the 3 ladies left the house leaving Geoffrey Mwathi with two men.

The two men were who appeared to be nervous were seen surveying the ground floor of the storey building. Moments later Mwathi body came down and hit the ground face down.

While speaking to the media, Mwathi family has disputed suicide claims addig that he never had any suicidal thoughts.

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