Dancun Kobetbet: Watchman Who Became A Millionaire Making 2 Millions Per Month

Duncan Kobetbet is a living testimony that one must not invest millions to to become a millionaire. His story depicts a man so determined.

Kobetbet is a millionaire who rose from being a hotel watchman to owning a multi-millions company giving him over 2millions shillings per month.

Dancun Kobetbet Journey to greatness

At the age of 40, he was employed as a watchman in Nakuru, where he was earning a salary of Ksh. 5000 per month. The amount was so small to sustain himself and his family.

Determined to move out of the situation, Kobetbet began bonding with hotel clients in a bid to get some ideas. He passionately learnt the process of opening a company.

Armed with Knowledge, Kobetbet mobilized his savings and registered a security company – Dango Five Security Services Ltd and began life as a businessman.


I was so determined to get out of the situation. The much I was earning from from the Watchman job was not enough for me and my family. I got knowledge from friends who visited the hotel regularly,” he said during an interview with local TV.

His first business became an eye-opener that steered him to greatness.

My first client offered Ksh. 8000. I employed a guard for Ksh. 5000 per month and I was left with Ksh. 3000. So I thought, If I am getting Ksh. 3000 from client, how much would I get if I had 150 clients? Of course Ksh.150,000,” he said.

image 11 Dancun Kobetbet: Watchman Who Became A Millionaire Making 2 Millions Per Month
Dancun Kobetbet posing for a photo with President William Ruto

Dancun Kobetbet began moving from offices to institutions looking for clients. His business friends further advised him to make brochures that helped him market his company.

The Dango Five Security Services Ltd is now a well established firm with huge presence in Nairobi, Baringo, Eldoret and Kericho.

With over 200 security guards working for the company, Kobetbet earns approximately Ksh. 2 millions every year.

Dancun Kobetbet advice to youths

The businessman believes every youth can create an opportunity to make a living without having to invest a lot money.

“My dream was to be a Billionaire. Many people think positions will will always be there fore them but that is not the case. Not everybody who will have an opportunity to get employed. You can create an opportunity to make a living,” he advised.

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