“Sina Shida,” Nigerian Singer Ruger Wotifai gives ‘Ruger Wa Kayole’ a greenlight

Over the recent past, upcoming artist Aston Kenya also known as Ruger wa Kayole has been making headlines on social media over his striking resemblance with Nigerian Afrobeats star Michael Adebayo Olayinka popularly known as Ruger

The young man went viral for wearing eye patch and dying hair pink, making many mistake him for the Nigerian singer. Ruger wa Kayole was also captured in a video performing Ruger Wotifai’s song to eager and excited crowd.

Kenyans expressed mixed feeling over copying the Nigerian singer. While a section expressed joy of having a Kenyan version of Ruger, a section noted that Aston risked being sued for Copyright infringement.

@CHA USIKU: Well if he is using his name , brand, identity and style, akubali law suit.

@Faith Ayaaan: Nothing is original in Kenya 😅😅😅😅😅 maybe they want a war with Nigeria now

@HON Kenneth Barasa: Looking alike is not a crime but it’s a crime to infringe someone’s intellectual property.

@Sospeter Ngure: Why does Nigeria want to force their Ruger to us and we already have ours?

@Steven Adhimbo: Our own Ruger, we love you… so wa Nigeria wasituringie Ruger wao, hata sisi tuko nayo🤣🤣🤣🤣

@Mehra: Ruger wa Naija please usitusumbue…uliza vile TZ tumewapasha🤣

Nigerian Ruger has no Problem with Ruger wa Kayole

While responding to people’s concerns, the Nigerian Ruger has disclosed that he has no Problem with Ruger wa Kayole. The talented singer said that Kenyan Ruger is just a young man trying hustle to make ends meet. He added that the young singer is helping promote his songs.

he’s just trying to hustle he’s actually promoting my songs.” He said.

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