“Naomba 2 millions,” Pastor Ng’ang’a asks pastor Ezekiel for help

A week after Kenyan pastor Ezekiel Odero of New life Church gave Ksh. 14.6 millions during Televangelist Benny Hinn’s prayer and healing crusade, fellow pastor Ng’ang’a now also wants ‘kitu kibdogo’ from him.

In a video that has elicited mixed reactions in social media, Pastor Ng’ang’a was captured speaking before a camera. He disclosed that all pastors were asked to contribute some money to cater for the mega crusade’s expenses.

According to the controversial Neno Evangelism founder, he was surprised when Ezekiel gave 10 times what each pastor was supposed to contribute. Therefore, he requested the wealthy New life Prayer Center founder to support him with some money.

Ezekiel basi si unitumue kanusu. Ezekiel nitumie 10% ya hiyo…ama nitumie 50%… ama nitumie tu milioni 2 pekee. Kama uko connected na ufalme wa Mungu, utasikia vizuri kusapoti ufalme Wa mungu,” pastor Ng’ang’a said.

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He went on to say that the American preacher Benny Hinn did not know that 10,000 dollars is huge amount of money when converted to Kenyan shilling.

Pastor Ezekiel sent a representative to inform Benny Hinn that he was ready to give 100,000 US dollars. Ng’ang’a divulged that Benny Hinn did not know that 100,000 dollars is millions of money in Kenyan currency.

The Neno Evangelism preacher said that Hinn required every pastyti contribute 10,000 dollars. According to him, many pastors thought 10,000 dollars was equivalent to 10,000 Kenyan shilling but they scampered for safety when they discovered that the amount was equivalent to Ksh 1.5 millions.

Yeye (Benny Hinn) hakujua what is 10,000 dollars in Kenya. Done pastors thought ni KSh 10,000 za hustler. Ilipofafanuliwa (pastors) walirudi! Sio kama Benny Hinn hana pesa. .” Ng’ang’a said amidst laughter.

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