My Wife Is Pregnant Yet I Underwent Successful Vasectomy

Man claims wife pregnant despite undergoing successful vasectomy

“Hello Public News,

Kindly hide my identity.

So I married my wife 5 years a go. She came a long with two kids from the previous relationship and I had three.

We were blessed with a boy 2 years a go.

So after deliberations we agreed that the family was already enough considering our income. So we decided to employ the use of contraceptives.

My wife was not willing to take any family planning measure. She cited previous health history concerns as her reason. She urged me to undergo a vasectomy.

After a soul searching, I agreed. After all I loved her so much and I was not ready to let her go.

So I went to a specialist and carried out the procedure. He in fact confirmed that the procedure was successful.

Everything has ever since been okay until recently when I arrived home after three months at workplace. I noticed that she was very uneasy. Unlike before, she wore baggy dress.

After an observation at night, I noticed her belly was abnormally large.

So the following day I raised the issue. I instructed her to buy pregnancy test kit and that is when the hell broke loose.

She broke in tears, blamed me for lying about undergoing the birth control procedure.

I was so broken. After going back to the doctor, he confirmed that the procedure was done perfectly.

I am so mad. My mind has a strong conviction that the pregnancy is not mine yet I don’t want to loose her because I love her so much.

Kindly advice.”

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